Helping your child learn better should be one less thing you are worried about
Let us help get your child’s learning back on track, build academic confidence and help them reach full potential
How we are ensuring you and your child’s safety
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Positive teaching techniques as we employ can restore your child’s confidence and get their learning back on track.

Get your child the help they need, limit the negative impact of a possible faulty educational background on their future learning.


Give your child the academic advantage to compete in today’s world

Get them started with the Zane learning method today.


At NGN36,999 only, get your child started with our Catch-Up Program.

Eliminate the worry of getting your child caught up and prepared for school resumption. Get them the professional help they need with a Zanetutors facilitator and be guaranteed of success.

Enrol 2 or more children & get 10-15% OFF your fee!

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At Zane Tutors, we help your child learn to succeed.

The Zane Learning Method equips our frequently trained facilitators to go beyond teaching content (schoolwork) to impacting right learning habits, grooming in your child problem solving and critical thinking skills within a positive enjoyable learning environment.

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Learners do not all learn at the same pace

If a learner, Kemi, really needs more time learning fractions, then she should get more time learning fractions.

Get your child the extra academic attention they need to achieve full potential today.

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