We know you want the best for your child, we also do.


We know you love your child and want the best for your child, we also do.

Choosing Zane is about getting results and setting your child up for long-term success.

At Zane, we hold dearly and believe in building academic confidence through academic excellence, inspiring curiosity and a love for learning — all of which make an immense impact in school and life. Over the years, we’ve come through for hundreds of parents just like you looking to challenge and inspire their children like yours in a safe, supportive learning environment into attaining new levels of academic success where they Learn, Grow and Lead...

What Sets Us Apart

The Zane Learning Method, Passionate Facilitators & Technology!

At Zane, your child gets to experience and learn through The Zane Method born out of the need for seeing children learn just for the love of learning and dedicated to helping each learner achieve full potential.
Our ever-learning facilitators equipped with interactive technology & online learning platforms will take your child on a journey where they are learning, challenged and motivated in an enjoyable out of school learning experience.

With us, your child will be unveiled to

An enjoyable, out of school learning experience for your child by using our student-centred model focused on personalised learning, mastery-based learning, and self-learning in a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment.

This is ultimately focused on:

Maximizing your child’s learning capabilities ensuring your child has that extra to enable him or her attain academic excellence, bringing your child to achieve full potential and eventually become a lifelong learner.

Proven Results

We Will Always Bring You Genuine Results

We’re honoured to have put smiles on the faces of hundreds of worried parents as they see their kids excel at things they said were difficult, begin to have more confidence in themselves and grow all around.
Your child can be one of our success stories! Your child could be a Zane Child, be part of that clique with higher performances just like Chinedu.

You can trust that our methods work

"Ms Chinenye has been really good to me, she loves physics so much, a subject I taught nobody likes. She makes me like physics and want to learn every day. The way I am solving physics calculations in school now, my mates can are so surprised. I will continue with her until I graduate."
Year 12


Learning is personal

Self-learning is key

Learning never ends

Technology enhances learning

Positive teacher - student relationships are crucial

We Are
Here For You

We are here for those kids…

…Those kids who have grown too shy to ask questions, that have lost their curiosity to learn – that feel learning is difficult and they are not smart enough, those kids that have lost their confidence – that believe they are just not enough.

We are here for those parents…

…Those parents, those parents who are not satisfied with the status quo, parents who have prioritised the future of their children, who immensely and unconditionally love their children, parents whose sole aim is to see their kids be their best…

We exist so your kids Learn, Grow, and Lead…

Make the Right Choice
The Wise Choice...



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