Our Covid-19
safety policy

Due to the peculiarity of current times, we have put in place policies to ensure the safety of Learners, Facilitators and all other parties.

How We Are Ensuring Your Safety, Your Child's and Our Facilitators Safety

It has surely been a stressful couple of months for us all with its difficulties, we all haven’t been through anything like this but as we have, we’ll continue to work towards winning this while we keep ourselves and families safe.

While we hold dear the ideology that learning never ends, even in difficult times like this, we still put the safety of all our learners, facilitators and families first.

As you continue to patronise our services, in line with our principles of quality service and ensuring your safety as well as that of our learners, facilitators and families, we have rolled out the following guidelines:

All our facilitators have been equipped with and will always wear a face mask while having classes

All our facilitators have been equipped with and will always have handy an alcohol-based hand sanitiser for usage within classes. We advise you to provide one for your child if you may not want your child using the hand sanitiser available with our facilitators.

As we have been operating and continue to enforce, all our facilitators will always be within the shortest possible distance from your home.

However, we also have made provisions to ensure that our facilitators while commuting to and from your home, do so with the safest means possible, avoiding crowds.

To further avoid close contact between facilitators and learners, it is advised that a writing board (whiteboard) be made available for classes.

As is our policy towards ensuring mastery-based learning and building lifelong learners, an internet-enabled device is needed for all classes.