What is the modus operandi of Zanetutors?

Parents interested in our services reach out and get visited by consultants at their most comfortable time. Parents then choose from our packages, where we have 5 packages. 4 of these packages are pre-set with fixed prices, tutoring frequency and timing etc. The 5th package called zaneclassic has its tutoring parameters open to manipulation by you our client to fit your needs and desire. After choosing a package that suits you and the needs of your child, you then fill out our clients’ booklet, view and sign our standard agreements

What ages/classes does your range of services cover?

Our range of services cover kids of all ages and classes, from the early years/ pre-primary to primary and secondary classes.

Who teaches my child and where does it take place?

Zanetutors as a company has in its employ a pool of young, vibrant and highly dedicated tutors poised with the sole aim of ensuring they meet your needs and child’s educational needs. These are tutors who have met our set requirements of the highest quality and standard, worthy in learning and of course character.

As a company, our philosophy and policy in providing after school extra classes is to take advantage of the greater learning capabilities that comes with personal one on one home tutoring in a relaxed environment void of tension and fright for mates or teachers. In furtherance of this, learning at home with the right tutor and environment has proven to be a contemporary solution of bad grades and a low self-esteem.

Should I be concerned about the curriculum to be used for my child?

We at Zanetutors understand the importance of not only teaching well but teaching right!!

We take into cognizance the school been attended by your child and make use of its current curriculum ensuring for a British school, a British curriculum is used and otherwise. We also prepare a forward schedule of topics to be taught and strictly adhere to ensure your child not only improves grades but also leads the class.

What is the guarantee that I am getting quality education for my child?

We at Zanetutors understand the importance of not only teaching well but teaching right!! Hence our mission which is to “create an enjoyable, out of school learning experience aimed at ensuring the child has that extra to enable him attain academic excellence and be the best amongst their peers”. In achieving this, we ensure we provide the best suited tutor for your child with the most grasp and understanding of your child’s school curriculum in use and a schedule timetable for tutoring.

We also monitor improvements and progress levels, giving periodic assessments, quizzes and tests all in our bid to ensure rising grades and boosted performance average in the subjects engaged in.

How do you guarantee the safety of my child and security of my home?

Zanetutors, a registered company takes pride in its rigorous hiring process where only reputable applicants with exceptional behaviors and character are interviewed and the very best engaged as tutors.

Furthermore, in guarantying the reliability and safety of your child by engaging trustworthy, and of course accountable tutors, we put our tutors through run extensive offline and online background checks to ensure that all our tutors do not pose any threat whatsoever to our clients, their wards and also their homes. Additionally, our tutors also provide us with guarantors to their integrity, character and general behavior.

All tutors are also provided with identification cards and hence an impersonator stand little or no chance.

How flexible are the tutoring sessions?

The tutoring sessions are as flexible and stress free as you the parent wants them. You get to choose the tutoring days, the time of each day, the location of the tutoring sessions, the frequency of the tutoring sessions and the fee you would want to pay, all to your comfort and satisfaction.

What are your charges like?

At ZANE, we run 5 packages which a parent can choose from and this packages are based on pre-set factors of number of days per week, number of hours per day, number of subjects to be taught and other necessary factors.

To view our rates, click here

Are there extra or hidden charges to the fees I pay?

No, we charge standard affordable and fixed fees for all our packages (excluding the zaneclassic package where you as a parent decide how much you would be willing to pay according to your needs). Other than the fixed fees there are no extra or hidden charges payable to Zanetutors. All monies are securely paid to our verified Zanetutors bank account.

What happens when your fees are beyond my set budget?

Our zaneclassic package is open to manipulation by our clients. You can manipulate the tutoring parameters where you can get tutoring sessions set to be within your monthly budget.

Are there discounts and how do I get them?

Yes, there are discounts. Discounts of 10% are available for two categories of parents; Parents looking to get tutors for a minimum of three kids or more and/or parents who pay an upfront for a minimum of 3 months.

How long does it take for sessions to commence after getting in touch?

As soon as necessary documents have been completed and duly signed and fees paid, you would be provided with a tutor within 3 working days.