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Zanetutors provides four fixed packages that you can choose from, with pre-set factors of the number of days per week, number of hours per day, the number of subjects to be taught etc.

We also have an open package, Zane classic where you get to choose the tutoring parameters and get tutoring sessions set to be within your monthly budget.

Visit Our Packages to learn more about our available weekly and monthly tutoring packages.

Category: PRICING

No, we charge standard affordable and fixed fees for all our packages (excluding the Zane classic package where you as a parent decide how much you would be willing to pay according to your needs). Other than the fixed fees there are no extra or hidden charges payable to Zanetutors. All monies are paid to our verified Zanetutors bank account.

Category: PRICING

We understand that raising a family can get expensive (to say the least!), so affordability is one of our top priorities.

Visit Our Packages to learn more about our flexible payment options.

Category: PRICING

We were hoping you’d ask! Our facilitators and staff love meeting new faces and are eager to get to work inspiring your child to learn.

We always have offers and discounts for new parents coming on-board with Zane, alongside other offers, promos and discounts just to make sure you are always happy and satisfied. 

Simply visit Our Offers page to learn more and follow us on social media to get updates on offers as they drop.

Category: PRICING

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