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If your child needs intensive tutoring to get back on track, we recommend at least three tutoring sessions of an hour and a half to two hours per week for your child to see real progress.

If your child is doing well but you just want to stay proactive and ensure they stay on track and get extra practice time or help with homework, we recommend at least twice a week of an hour thirty minutes to two hours.

We believe this type of consistent class frequency does make a difference, which is why we guarantee progress!


We know juggling all activities in any given week can be stressful or difficult at times. To help that problem, we offer convenient and flexible class schedules where you get to choose the tutoring days, the time of each day, and the location of the tutoring sessions. Beyond that, our Zane classic package lets you choose the frequency of the tutoring sessions and the fee you would want to pay, all to your comfort and satisfaction.

Nevertheless, talk to us if you’re still finding it hard to schedule sessions – we’ll work together to create a schedule that works with you.


Yes, however, while they may share the same schedule, they don’t share the same personalized learning plan.  We develop this plan based on your set learning objective and our initial evaluation.

We update it based on your child’s progress and performance.  This is true personalization to help guarantee the best outcome for each child.


Largely, yes, although you and the facilitators’ schedule and some uncontrollable factors that may arise affects this. However, with our systems and policies to always keep your child learning, any of our facilitators can teach your child without hitches and this is made fully possible because each facilitator knows your child’s complete tutoring history and is equally capable of providing outstanding experiences and improvements.


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