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No, we presently do not. However, our tech and developments teams are working round the clock to make this possible, not just possible but ensuring this service will have a lasting impact in the lives of our learners.

When set up, with our online tutoring programs, your child will keep skills sharp, interact with trained instructors through face-to-face online sessions, and keep his or her momentum going through these uncertain times.

At Zane, we always ensure its money well spent.

Our academic tutoring program, which looks to help learners who are struggling with scores and confidence, who needs more practice and help with homework and tests, or has slipped behind, is available to all from year 1 through year 12, in the fundamental subjects. We also offer exam prep for learners looking to take on various examinations, local and international.

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Firstly, lots of research overwhelmingly supports personalised tutoring as the very best educational option.  We further believe that learning should be personal, and at Zane, it is. At Zane, our facilitators get to know each student and provide the positive reinforcement and motivation that leads to success — and not only on tests and homework but beyond the classroom.

Although we also provide tutoring in small groups “Our Learning Conferences”, each learner does get the one-on-one attention they justly require, crucial for truly mastering concepts and skills that ensure they reach full potential.


It’s a great aid in helping your child retain what he or she learned during the school year, and for those students who underperformed, it’s a wonderful way to help prepare for the upcoming class year.  Fortunately, Zane is here for you, here to help your child enjoy and have fun during the summer while they stay learning.

Learn more on this from the Zane Blog – Zane Care.

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