The Zane Method

Designed to help your child love learning…

The Zane Method was born out of the need and love for seeing children learn not just for the sake of passing exams but the love of learning.

The Zane method is dedicated to fully helping your child achieve full potential. This is a place where your child’s confidence is grown, self-esteem groomed and the ability to take on new challenges for themselves developed all in line with building lifelong learners.

The Zane method ultimately looks to foster sound, capable individuals who can carve out independently a path for themselves in life as it imbibes in all our students that they can do anything if they try

The Zane method positions our facilitators as the guide on the side and your child in charge of his or her learning, empowering them to do more of the work.

The Zane method gets your child to put their back into the effort of learning, to get them to own and direct their learning process – This is the big force-multiplying change that we’re looking for and aim to achieve.

The Zane method ultimately looks to foster sound, capable individuals who can carve out independently a path for themselves in life as it imbibes in all our learners that they can do anything if they try.


Personalised learning

Mastery based learning



Aimed at meeting the distinct learning needs of your child, filling up the gaps and holes that exist in their academic knowledge.

Our one on one learning space gives room for more guided practice, coming up with new strategies for your child and allows our facilitators to figure out where things are going wrong in a students’ thought process, and how they can help correct.
Seeing an impressive personalised learning environment with facilitators like ours who are interested and invested, you get to see learners that feel known and understood and their academic needs cared for and this pushes students to thrive and grow.


Learners do not all learn at the same pace. If a student Kemi, really needs more time learning fractions, then she should get more time learning fractions.
With Mastery-based learning as a pillar of the Zane method, your child gets to advance upon mastery of concepts, not based on time, as is the case in a regular classroom. 
Within the Zane Learning Experience, Student Learning is a Constant and Time a variable.
The Zane Method holds dearly mastery-based learning cause it’s simply not okay to continue passing students on from class to class, year to year when they’re full of holes in their content knowledge. These holes breed a faulty educational foundation.

By running a mastery-based learning system where students show proficiency in content before progressing, we know we’re setting them up for success down the road when the courses get harder and the content more challenging



Our learners are constantly challenged by our facilitators to learn for themselves, to own their learning process, where they have to think and find solutions to learning challenges themselves – preparing them to be great problem solvers in future and life-long learners.

This means that your child will be empowered with the skills, information, and tools they need to manage their learning, ensuring that learning becomes a habit & practice they enjoy and carry out themselves for life. Think how motivating and empowering it is for learners when they own their learning process. Let’s face it, in higher institutions or the workforce, they have to be able to follow through a plan without someone supporting them along the entire way, else there’s going to be a limit to what they can do with their life. And we’ve all seen and know that the students who can do that are way more successful in life, just as we’re sure you want your child to be. ​




We begin our programs by assessing your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as attitudes about school and learning. Your child has special talents to discover and academic challenges to overcome, and we’ll help all along the way. We use a combination of prior knowledge assessments and observations from a Zane facilitator to get to know your child.


A plan designed to meet your child’s needs.

We roll out a learning program unique to your child in line with your child’s learning curriculum. Your child isn’t exactly like any other, so the learning program will look to cater to all the skills he or she needs to learn, meeting his or her exact learning needs.

We frequently adjust the plan and re-strategize as your child progresses with Zane, so your child stays challenged.




The best facilitators using technology.

We blend personalized instruction with online learning, assessments, quizzes, games and assignments all structured to make for an interactive, inspiring, enjoyable out of school learning experience. This approach lets our facilitators teach, guide and motivate your child in a way that’s personal and fun.

Sooner than you think, you’ll see your child smiling from ear to ear during lesson and homework time …


Maximizing results and motivating your child to thrive.

With the Zane method, you start to see results immediately. Homework time becomes a cakewalk, Big tests turn into big scores. School becomes fun. Your child is totally excited to learn.

Our results are truly inspiring.


Start giving your child the academic advantage to compete in today’s world

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