How Fast Should I Expect To See Progress With My Child?

(The objective of the tutoring sessions and our initial academic evaluation are factors to this)

We believe every child learns at his or her own pace and unlike other tutoring services that provide “quick fix” short-term boosts in performance; we look out for your child’s long-term academic growth.

As per our policies, the Zane method requires satisfactory understanding and testing competency before students move on from learning one concept to the other. Our short-term goal is to help your child catch up grade-level competency within 2 months, although some students take a little longer, many accomplish it sooner.

Note, if learning continues to progress just regularly without your child showing proficiency in topics he or she is taught, deficiencies in learning can accrue and have a greater negative impact.

However, by fully understanding concepts as the Zane method prescribes, you begin to see your child doing better in concept learnt each day, while developing a love and motivation to learn by themselves. This sets them on the path of success and helps them stay engaged and enthusiastic, not frustrated and eventually grow to be lifelong learners.

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