we are deliberate with our learning process...

We do it differently...


For us, it’s practice, consistency, constant innovation, improvements, and more practice.

We have just the right tools, facilitators, tech and experience to bring your child to their max potential.

What Parents are Saying

“Our Zanetutors facilitator started with Isaac at the start of the term and he has been such a great help to my grandson with his mathematics. He is polite, on time and gets down to business immediately. My grandson is doing so well now and I’m confident he’ll ace this class.”
Mrs Zubairu
"Jasmine has taught my daughter in year eight for four months now. She is very dedicated and attentive to my daughter’s learning needs. She’s always extremely professional and well organised. I truly haven’t been this satisfied with any other company and highly recommend Zanetutors."
Mr Paul
"Zanetutors provided me with nothing short of an excellent tutor. No time is wasted in his sessions from beginning to end. He guides my child through exam questions that massively improve his understanding of Physics and Chemistry. I remain truly excited I started with Zanetutors; they really helped my son in doing so well in his WAEC."
Mr Stanley

Our Facilitators

Helping your kids Reach full potential

Our learning methodology equips our frequently trained facilitators to go above and beyond teaching content (school work) to impacting right learning habits, grooming in every Zane learner a positive, memorable learning experience. 

They help every Zane learner become better problem solvers and improve on personal reading and learning culture. Our facilitators really just set your kids up for success down the road.

Yes, we also are concerned about your child's safety and well-being as well as yours.
Our facilitators go through A series of verification before engaged. 

Initial Screening

Proficiency Assessment

Background Checks

ID Verification

Helping your child learn better

Yes, technology really accelerates learning!

Today’s kids are all digital and that’s really fantastic. We’ve integrated technology into the Zane learning method and this has proven to make the Zane learning process and experience more personal, interactive, collaborative and fun – helping students better engage with learning material.

Our facilitators, key to the Zane learning experience keep your child learning, focused and inspired.

Technology enhances it all!

Our Tech Integrations

Interactive online learning platforms

Builds better facilitator - learner relationship and interaction while filling gaps in understanding and further enhance learning.

Interactive online quizzes & games

Designed to motivate and engage learners - improving knowledge retention, encouraging skill and content mastery.

Online Assessments & Assignments

Designed to assess Knowledge, track, and evaluate learning progress and outcomes.

Our technology integration further means every learner coming onboard with Zane requires

Reliable Internet Access

A Tablet or Laptop​

Their Wonderful Inquisitive Self

Our Results

you can Trust that our methods work

We’re honoured to have put smiles on the faces of hundreds of worried parents as they see their kids excel at things they said were difficult, begin to have more confidence in themselves and grow all around.


"James is very friendly & understanding. He explains Biology concepts in ways that makes it easier to learn. My grades are already improving in school after only three classes"
Year 10
"Emmanuel’s classes make me feel more at ease in learning maths. He is very patient and his attitude for maths makes me want to learn more!"
Year 5

Impressive stats we brag about

School Only
School & Zane

Our studies have shown that children who receive supplemental education and guided practice from a Zane Facilitator perform two times more than they did before.

Like you, however, we understand that the most profound accomplishments aren’t seen in mere numbers...

…but in the first glimpse of confidence on your struggling child’s face, in the big smile, you’ll see on your son’s face when he reads aloud with confidence. It’ll be watching the light bulb come on when your daughter understands an algebra problem.

Our personalised tutoring really does make a difference at school – we know this, plus we’ve been told so by tons of teachers and yes, we will deliver on this too for your child.

Together, we’ll celebrate right answers, better grades and impressive test results, we guarantee it. Our methods produce plenty of all and more.

But that’s just the beginning. Our Results extend far beyond the present school learning level!

The Zane learning method puts students in charge of their learning, empowering them to do more of the work and helping them develop a healthier learning culture making them impressive lifelong learners.

Think how motivating and empowering it is for kids when they own their learning process. Let’s face it, in higher institutions or the workforce, they have to be able to follow through a plan without someone supporting them along the entire way, else there’s going to be a limit to what they can do with their life. And we’ve all seen and know that the students who can do that are way more successful in life, just as we’re sure you want your child to be.

The greater achievements and successes will be the big smile you’ll see on your son’s face as you watch him celebrate his success story being accepted into his dream college… It’ll be seeing your daughter grow into a confident young adult who enjoys learning and on the path of full potential.

Then you’ll look back, smiling and glad you made this great decision for your child's future.
We guarantee it

Invest in your child’s education, remodel your child’s future towards the path of full potential.

Our Guarantee

You don’t have to settle for second best!

If you want to see academic growth, Zane is here for you. 

We do it differently and better than anyone.

With the Zane Learning Method,
We Guarantee

Your Child Will Receive The Very Best From The Zane Education Team

With Zane, it’s not just your child’s facilitator. Your child also benefits from years of experience and concerted effort from our education team working in the background with the facilitator structuring a learning experience that meets their unique learning needs and methods.

Your Child Will Always Have An Ideal Learning Environment

By implementing our mastery-based learning methodology, learning for your child becomes a constant while time a variable, ensuring your child learns and shows proficiency in topics taught. This gives a firm foundation in education and sets them up for success down the road.

Your Child Will Show Mastery of At Least 96% Of All Concepts Taught by a Zane Facilitator

Skill, ideas, topics and concepts mastery ensures your child is on the path of long-term success and we don’t stop till they master each concept.

Your Child Will Begin To Show More Confidence

Through experiencing our personalised learning programs and just seeing themselves excel at things they taught were difficult, they begin to have more confidence in themselves and grow all around.

In essence, What all this means is, With Zane;

You will see your child get the maximum support they need and the extra educational attention they crave – setting them up for success down the road when the courses get harder and the content more challenging, because they are going to have the base level of competency that they need.

You will see your child’s confidence soar while they achieve full potential with greater participation in the classroom. Homework will get easier, fun and enjoyable, and grades will improve…

You’ll see your child’s smile, and …

You’ll know you made the right choice with Zane

You're one click away from a smarter child